so. it is a new year.

i actually try not to place too much stock on such things. i don’t see a good reason why january 1st is a better date to do something new than any old time you might want to. also, the idea of it being a resolution for the whole year seems overwhelming to me – i like the measure progress in smaller chunks.

i did have a mighty long time off of work, wherein i had the bouncer over for christmas eve and we had a lovely time, i guessed all of my christmas presents which pissed him off, i made an excellent ham with a not-so-excellent glaze, made more cookies than is ever ok, and homemade hot chocolate. we spent christmas day at my parents, which was actually superfun and completely stress and pressure free. and full of cheap sangria, which makes for my favorite kind of day.

i got sick for most of last week and spent the majority of it wrapped in a blanket on the bouncers couch catching up on cultural staples that i typically miss due to my lack of cable, like toddlers and tiaras and the jersey shore. i feel informed now.

i never finished up reverb 10 – i enjoyed doing it and some of the prompts were completely awesome, but some of them got super repetitive. or maybe i didn’t have an eventful enough year. who knows. i’m going to keep them tucked away for rainy days and perhaps modify them as i see fit when i whip them out.

tomorrow is my return to work. i suppose i could be grateful that i seem to have today off while most don’t, but instead i choose to bemoan that my vacation is quickly coming to a close and i am pretty much guaranteed to not fall asleep til 2 am or later. here’s to the end of vacation…

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