august break, revisited.

so i got me a pretty (and fancy, by my standards) camera for christmas. i am a lucky girl, in many ways.

it’s a fuji finepix. it has all sorts of neat settings regarding aperture and shutter speed. so, i present to you, a brooklyn christmas.

hey look, i have a camera! here is my bedroom!
(funny note: the ladder is in the hallway because i roasted a chicken in an aluminum pan. i also have a crappy oven and i do a bunch of cooking, so i also have an oven thermometer that hangs from the rack. the oven thermometer poked a hole in the bottom of the chicken roasting pan and i had chicken drippings making frighteningly smoky conditions and the smoke alarm was going off every six minutes. ah, holidays.)

snowflakes were my theme this year.

what was left after making nutella brownies. it did not last long.

this was a sweet potato souffle. it was damned delicious.

this was the end of a steak pinwheel. it was also damned delicious.

this is the door of a tattoo shop around the corner from me. i keep intending to get my nose repierced there one of these weekends.

cheap decorations at the local discount store. why yes, i did look like a fool walking around my neighborhood with a camera on my neck.

abita beer in the grocery store. the actress really likes abita. i don’t drink beer (or anything with bubbles), but i try to know these things about my friends.

my block, slightly overexposed. i am fond of too much light in pictures, i find.

also on my block. also overexposed. also, yes, those are really lots of shoes on a power line and yes, i think that is the most pointless thing ever and no, i don’t know if it means a drug dealer lives here. i haven’t met any so far.

this is a wee wizard candle. they were very popular when i was a teenager and people had collections. now, i can barely find them. i love this little dude.

a bell ornament.

a snowflake ornament. i said that was the theme, remember?

i am digging my camera. one of my goals for 2012 is to foster creativity and i plan on incorporating photography into that and incorporating that into my blog/the internet somehow, so we’ll see how it comes out. i think a project 365 will be a bit much for me – let me know if you have any ideas (and yes, i am already thinking of copying the deep old desk’s photo fridays…)

7 thoughts on “august break, revisited.

  1. This isn’t a blog theme idea as such, but I do recommend ALWAYS having the camera with you, because I’ve noticed that every time I don’t have mine out with me, I see something incredible or weird that needs photographing. It’s like the universe knows when it can get away with freakish stuff, undocumented!

    Proper comment later, but I love your photos – always have!

  2. Is THAT what those shoes are supposed to mean?? I don’t get it…
    I *do* love the abita. But mostly just purple haze. Get your details straight. 🙂
    I agree that you should always have your camera with you and to encourage yourself to take pictures as much as you can, because you have skills, yo. It’s a great creative outlet.
    Also, why is your bed there?
    Also, I’m really glad you explained the ladder thing, because I was totally judging you for having a ladder in your hallway.
    Also, LOVE.

  3. I LOVE your pictures! omg! I feel like I know you *that* much better now. Please please keep taking them.

    Also, I love Abita. And I want to get my nose re-pierced too. Someday when I’m done with corporate 🙂

    I’m really sorry I didn’t get to see you. I can’t wait to come to NY again and get in shenanigans. With cameras.


  4. DO PHOTO FRIDAY. Yes. What does it tell you that of all the parts of TDOD, the one part that is surviving this restructuring is photo Friday? (There is actually an official photo Friday meme, where some guy gives out a topic, but we aren’t following his program.)

    I love these so much! I really do feel like a tool going around with my camera, too, especially because it’s huge and I know that I am a nobody with it, but here is the thing–no one else knows I’m a nobody and mostly they are curious. You would be surprised by how nice people are when I get the nerve to take some pictures of people. Even Angry Goth Teens.

    Also, I really like your bedspread and would like to know the color of the fourth large squiggle that is outside of the frame.

  5. Awesome! I’m late on my comments but I love that you are going to incorporate pictures that you take! It’s another window into a person’s world that tells so much – so many stories. Have fun with it! Your house is wonderful! Love the hardwood floors! And the food! YUM!

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