reverb 11: gift

prompt: what was the most memorable gift you’ve ever received?

like most smart and socially awkward children, i was really into books and reading. for as long as i can remember, that’s been one of my favorite activities and a giant comfort in my life. i lived with my greatgrandparents as a young child and although papa had, at most, an 8th grade education, he taught me how to read as soon as he could, believing that if i knew that i was set. he wasn’t wrong.

i think it might have been the year i was in eighth grade. amazon was a really new thing. i was into greek mythology and astrology and all sorts of business. every present under my parent’s tree that year was fairly flat and professionally wrapped – and on christmas morning, i was an extraordinarily happy adolescent, surrounded by probably 15 hardcover (hardcover!) books on everything i was into at the team. there was a dream interpretation dictionary in there, i remember. but christmas was all books. and i loved it.

i’ve had memorable gifts through the years. some tiffany & co jewelry, a new laptop. this year, a bridge camera and a kindle fire (! to both). ┬ábut something about my parents supporting my interests, however esoteric and ridiculous they may have seemed, was pretty amazing.

4 thoughts on “reverb 11: gift

  1. Books was always my favorite gift as a kid too. I can’t imagine a better gift for a kid. I know most kids want a Playstation or a DS, but the gift of whole new world you can visit anytime you want to, what the hell could be better than that?

  2. What a great story. My fourteen year old daughter has become quite a fashion diva who likes choosing her own stuff so she got…. gift cards galore!

    Brava to your parents for loving you enough to honor your quirkyness! (which rocks, by the way!)

    Happy to be popping by from #Reverb11

  3. It’s a switch to go from the last post into this one, and I’m so lightened up by it that I’m actually sitting here smiling. And I would like to give your parents a hug for treating tween Dominique so well that year for Christmas. (And your papa too, while I’m at it.)

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