reverb 11: laughter

i decided to take on a prompt today that i’m not necessarily comfortable with.

i have a loud laugh. it makes people stare. it’s been described as bursting forth.

i can’t remember the last time i had an intense laughing fit. i can tell you about some times that have made me laugh this year.

i laugh with the bouncer all of the time. we amuse each other in a very original way and i’m grateful for the humor wavelength that we share. i laughed with him the other day as i revealed something a little insane i did out of stress. we laughed as i had to undo all of the christmas lights because i strung them all together and you’re not supposed to do that. i laughed as i was trying to convince him that we needed 300 lights per foot of christmas tree. we laugh at the antics of the dog – dogs are really very funny, if you watch them for any period of time. we laugh with each other constantly, and it’s wonderful.

i laugh at work. i am extraordinarily blessed with a variety of nice, sweet, and funny coworkers. i laughed when one told me recently, in jest, “oh, i didn’t date, i just invited everyone into my bed.” i laugh when my boss makes fun of me for my klout obsession and sends me the xtranormal video about it. we laugh about his preoccupation with kitties.

i laugh at my friends on the twitters almost every day. y’all are a funny bunch.

i laugh with my parents. they raised me with a very particular, sarcastic sense of humor that’s a little offbeat, and i think it’s something only we three (i’m an only child) truly understand.

i’ve got a kicking headache tonight but i didn’t want to lose to reverb momentum. i’m enjoying getting to know all of you a bit more SO very much.

10 thoughts on “reverb 11: laughter

  1. My parents and I (I’m an only child as well) have a very sarcastic sense of humor between the three of us. My husband fit so perfectly into it because he has the same sense of humor. So we could all four laugh about something funny to us, and no one would understand it. Like, probably the last time I had a super laughing fit, was when we were all four at the dinner table and decided to look up the word “shit” on Wikipedia. Very interesting dinner conversation to say the least, and a very hilarious article. I’m really loving the #reverb11 vibe this year! It’s so great learning about so many different people!

  2. I also laugh very loudly. I have been ssshhhed I don’t know how many times AND I have people who say “I love your laugh!” I don’t remember when I got comfortable with it…. anyway – love your thoughts… great to catch up with you again!

  3. i have a loud laugh, too. when i was a teenager, my family called me the loon.
    i say, laugh, as loud and as long as you want to. laugh til you pee in your pants, a little. it’s a good thing.

  4. when i was younger (maybe middle school), i remember that i would accidentally mirror other people’s laughs. i realized one day, that mine shifted at least three times throughout the year, and had taken after people i listened to often.

    since then, i’ve been a little too aware of my own laughter sometimes; i want to make sure it’s my own! and it’s definitely developed into a real one, that makes me uncomfortable sometimes. :p but sometimes i see people catching on because of it, and those are priceless moments.

    good job keeping your reverb momentum! i only posted to five prompts last year, so we’re already ahead of my 2010 record.

  5. I love people with loud laughs! And yes, dogs are really funny… I love it when they bark quietly in their sleep because they are dreaming. Or when they fart and look behind them to see if that was really them.

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