reverb 11: loathing

i’ve missed a few days of reverb – and i’m sorry about it. i was really proud of my streak this year, but this month is just killer. between stress around the holidays (last month, i had $16 in my checking account four days before payday. add present buying to that?!), reverb, and stratejoy’s joy council (a group seminar thingy reflecting on this year and planning for awesome things for next), my head has been all explodey. no, really, i had a migraine that came and went for a WEEK. so i backed off and in keeping with the spirit of my year, i am really trying hard to feel like i don’t suck for that.

prompt: who or what did you loathe and how did you express that this year?

rude people on the subway. the pole is not your close and personal friend. it is for all of us to hold onto so we don’t fall on our asses. and i will indeed knuckle the hell out of your back to get you to let go. i have no scruples. be warned. also, headphones are about $5 a pair these days. i have no need to listen to your ringtone on repeat – and also, that is a might ghetto solution for having mp3 files, you hoodrat.

the dog: i mean, i know some of you will (and probably already do) judge me for this but i truly loathe my boyfriend’s dog sometimes. i try to be a human with a soul about it, and sometimes she is rather sweet. but she wreaks havoc on our house EVERY SINGLE DAY. i walk in from work, looking forward to peace and downtime, and i must first spend 20 minutes cleaning up whatever disaster she thought up that day, and also, a healthy pile of excrement. and yes, i’ve heard all of the well meaning advice, and no, i’m not particularly interested in tips and tricks. i know you are well-meaning, but this is my bitchy post and i won’t have it ruined by logic and reason. i’m not really an animal person and yes, when she’s ruined things that are important to me, i’ve considered tossing her out the window. he loves her (for reasons i can’t quite fathom), and i’m doing my best to acquire patience.

i’ve loathed the recent article in forbes, “if i were a poor black kid”. that was some infuriating shit. see also, the jcpenney shirt about girls being too pretty to study. also, most anything on fox news. why yes, that is my heart bleeding all over the floor.

i loathe laziness and entitlement. people who complain about not being able to find a job, and then brag about how they’ve applied to twenty…over the course of two months. times are hard and i get that, but this is a situation that calls for stepping up your game.

i loathe facebook. there, i said it. i did a major “friend” purge over there earlier this year, which was quite cathartic, but there are various people you have to remain “friends” with for political reasons, and i can’t count the number of people i’ve hidden from my feed this year. notable examples include someone who recently entered a relationship and couldn’t STOP with the schmoopy shit. what pushed me over the edge was posting a picture of a plate of spaghetti with broccoli (is that even a thing?) and tagging his girlfriend and talking about how she always kept him full and happy. gag. also, any and all conservatives who like to spout inflammatory shit, people who make their default pic one of them kissing their significant other (and i don’t mean a peck, i mean KISSING), and people who don’t seem like they made it past 3rd grade english class. oh, and the people who post those asinine quotes. and anyone who does the “99% of you won’t repost this” business.

i’ve gone on long enough. i am a type a, rather obsessive person and it’s too easy to crawl right up there under my skin and piss me off. maybe i’ll calm down a little in 2012…or maybe  won’t. probably won’t.

6 thoughts on “reverb 11: loathing

  1. Two things:
    “but this is my bitchy post and i won’t have it ruined by logic and reason”< — is awesome.

    also – that whole "99% of you people won't repost this" shit on Facebook drives me insane. And I LOVE Facebook. A lot. but those stupid copy and paste statuses – "if you love your husband/wife…" "If you love your daughter…" "If you love your pets…" blah blah blah blah shut the fuck up.

  2. I am on board. Let me just say that I can get behind all of this. when you’re ready to get that dog to stop tearing shit up let me know, i can solve it in one word. Promise.

  3. Spaghetti and broccoli is not a thing. I am sure plenty of fools have stuck it into cookbooks to fill pages, but fuck, common sense will tell you these are two tastes that do not go together. STOP THIS MADNESS.

    Also, all the rest: +1.

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