reverb 11: time

cutting this one in close to the edge. have i mentioned that it’s hard to write every day? because it is.

i actually want to write about the disappointment prompt, but i can’t in the public sphere. suffice to say, my job is amazing and i love it, and i’m so grateful for that.

prompt: how did you fill your time this year? are you happy with it? would you change it?

mostly, i worked. and ever since being hired by a wonderful nonprofit org in april, nearly every day of that has been a joy. i learn a lot that i’m really interested in at my job and i’m finally happy with the path i’m on.

big announcement: next semester i’m entering a web development intensive program at nyu. by april or may, i will be able to BUILD INTERNETS.

outside of working:

the truth is, i did a lot of arguing this year. i’ve done a lot of crying. i’ve done a lot of trying to figure it out, and a lot of confusion. these parts, they haven’t been pretty. part of my goal for next year is to nail down a solid plan to reduce this. drastically.

i did a lot of fretting. that’s just my nature. although, yes, i know i need to chill out some. working on it.

i began journaling, and taking some time to focus on myself. this work has been – transformative, and inspirational.

i baked. a lot. and attempted to cook most nights of the week. these things calm me.

it’s been a long week and full of migraines and frustration. i’ll be back in top reverb form before the weekend is out. swearsies.

4 thoughts on “reverb 11: time

  1. Hey, I’ve been meaning to comment more but I have really enjoyed your writing for Reverb. Your blogs are so incisive yet compassionate, and show a depth of self-knowledge that many people never achieve.

    In short: Dom, I think you’re awesome.

  2. Build internets — you badass! I heard Sloane Crosley is teaching a creative non-fiction class at Columbia next semester and it was one of the few times my heart longed to be in New York. Even though I’m not enamored with New York (sue me, world), I love that it is a place where you can work, develop your career, learn academically and have fun. I hope next year has fewer tears in store for you and lots of joy.

  3. It sounds like you are going to have an even better year next year, good for you. I want a new internets for my birthday, ;-). Thanks for sharing this, and yes, it is hard to write everyday.

  4. I am so ridiculously excited about you building internets. I know that bunches of other people can do it, but the thought of your taste being made manifest visually in that way has me anxiously awaiting the end results. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

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