bouquets for besties.

valentine’s day is fast approaching.

and i, personally, want all of my friends to know how much they’re loved.

i absolutely loved my period of singlehood. i was out all of the time, i felt beautiful, i felt confident, and i was fully intent on doing whatever i wanted at all times. i loved being responsible to me, and only me. but it sucked, a little, when this love holiday rolled around and you’d see all of your friends in relationships doing special things.

i’m not one for hating on valentine’s day, and i don’t go gaga over it either. i’m not going to rail on and on about how it’s such a commercial holiday – because most of them are, at this point, and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating all kinds of love – and doing it more often. it’s a day, and if you are so inclined to show your love on this day, more power to you. showing love isn’t always easy. and the world certainly needs more of it.

but back to my point. there is no reason single girls need to feel crappy when all of their attached cohorts are swimming in roses. while chatting with kim the other day, i decided to send one of my single friends flowers on valentine’s day. because my friends are special, and awesome, and i want them to know that, regardless of whether or not they have some romantic thing going on. this isn’t about pity. it’s about making sure that everyone who is loved knows it.

i wanted to make this a thing, and i asked kim how i would do so, and she told me to make a logo, so i have, and then to blog about it, which i am now.  are you up for it? send your single girlfriend flowers on valentine’s day. send them to her office so everyone knows that someone loves her. send them so she has an extra boost, an extra reason to feel beautiful and treasured.

so, here’s what you can do to play along.

  • comment on this entry and tell me!
  • post about what you’re doing, who you’re sending flowers to and why on your own blog (and grab the logo if you wish!)
  • tweet about it under #bouquetsforbesties (yes, that’s kind of a lot of characters, and yes, this is also a very fly by the seat of my pants, random creative project).

who’s with me?

p.s. – there are a ton of deals floating around amazon local, google deals, and the other sites for flower deliveries right now, if budget is a concern.

p.p.s. – kim gets full credit for the name. she is way more creative than me like that.

17 thoughts on “bouquets for besties.

  1. MASSIVE grin. I’m glad you are doing this.

    I’m also going to offer another budget-friendly way to send flowers: Call a florist yourself and don’t go through one of the major consolidators. I do this. Find a florist in the same town/nearby where you want the flowers to go with your Google skills, call ’em up, and say that you want to spend about $X and then describe what you want. (Something for her desk at work, something not too over the top, she likes yellow and orange, no roses or carnations, whatever.) Florists like to talk about what they do. You might not get a picture of it online beforehand, but you will save some cash off the top.

  2. This is absolutely fabulous–it totally made my morning thinking about single girls getting flowers on valentines day. Now I just have to figure out who I’m sending them to… 🙂

  3. I love both the idea and the name! I sent flowers to my best friends and have been doing it for years. Nothing like a lily to bring a smile to someone’s day…

  4. SUCH a great idea! My boyfriend and I both don’t really go crazy over Valentine’s Day. We ended up taking our dog to Colonial Williamsburg, getting exercise for all three of us, and eating a cheap and healthy Subway dinner at home while we watched reruns of our favorite shows on Hulu. It was, quite honestly, the best night ever. And that’s all that matters.

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