vegas, the recap. volume 1: feelings

so it didn’t really SINK IN that i was heading to a hotel to hang out for a weekend with many strangers until i was walking through mccarran on my way to meet anna and kelly to make our way to the hotels. and then i was in a bar with many people drinking pear martinis in my yoga pants. and then i was jumping into a small fountain with fake flamingos to take pictures. what?

(fyi, i just really typed “airports” there instead of “hotels”. i am not un-exhausted).

i don’t have the full thought processes right now to actually type out a post about what we did, and where we stayed and what we ate and etc, etc. i’ll absolutely do that when my brain cells decide to function, because we did really awesome stuff, sponsored by really awesome people and companies, and they deserve the shoutouts. also, those of you who weren’t there are probably way more interested in that than this.

if we had little varsity jackets with tags on them or something, mine would say “the girl who danced everywhere and anywhere at any moment” and i am so totally ok with that, because dancing makes me the very happiest girl. i did so much dancing – i danced on the casino floor, in mine and alana’s bathroom, in the elevators, at actual bars and clubs, by the pool, in the lobby, walking down the street. my legs are actually not working anymore and i’m hobbling around like pegleg, and i’m ok with that too.

i would say i managed to have at least a short conversation with all but 10 people there, which is pretty incredible. and i, as a judgy person, was sort of blown away by the sheer quality of all of the people i got to know. there were people who i knew of previously, but i don’t think knew me – people i didn’t know at all and probably never would have – and people that i had some peripheral awareness of but didn’t follow religiously (BUT I WILL NOW.) how do so many cool people converge on the same place? i don’t know how that magic works but i am INTO it.

i’m notoriously bad at writing about happy shiny things (at least, i think i am), so, i’m entirely unsure what to say about this trip that’s not going to sound trite and overdone. i’m blown away. it absolutely exceeded my hopes, and i am thrilled to have met such incredible people. i want to visit all of you, i want all of you to visit me, i want us all to go again next year. i would rather be sitting around a pool/in a lobby/at a hot club/at a sexy cirque show with all of you than doing most other things i have to do. thank you for being so wonderful, and thank god we have the internet to keep us in touch.

7 thoughts on “vegas, the recap. volume 1: feelings

  1. You are lovely! I am really glad we got to meet and hang out together. I love your ridiculous stories and your dancing. There must certainly be a next time.

  2. I actually just got goosebumps. We did amazing things and ate amazing things and saw amazing things, but right now all I can even understand (barely) are the warm fuzzy feelings I have after having met people like you – people I didn’t know I needed in my life until you showed up, and people I’m SO grateful for. We’ll get to the shout-outs and the recaps, but I love that you acknowledge that there’s a lot of emotion at this point. Also, I’m on my third glass of wine right now so I’M a little schmoopy. XOXO.

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