i believe…

…that new york is the only place you can get “real” pizza* and bagels.

*except italy, obvs, but i’ve heard it’s very different there.
…that your lover doesn’t need to be your best friend.
…that sunshine is really good for the soul.
…that androids are better than iphones.
…that comforter covers and curtains are amazing because you can practically redesign the entire room when you buy new ones.
…that body politics are a serious thing that we should all learn about and respect. oh, you would like to learn more? great, go visit lesley kinzel over on xojane.
…that schmoopy romantic business between couples splayed out all over the bookface/twitters/interwebs is more often than not a desperate attempt to cover up what’s not really working.
…that no one should wait until their early 20s to try thai, indian, and sushi. TRUST ME I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. (love, a formerly picky eater).
…that things like 50 shades of grey and twilight are collectively lowering the average IQ of this nation.
…that perspective is really important, but this doesn’t negate the relevance and realness of depression, anxiety and the like.
…that opinions are important to have and stand strong with, yet your mind should always be open
…that four days can make your world shift in the most wonderful of ways. (ahem, hi, #bisc-uits).

6 thoughts on “i believe…

  1. I am so with you on the IQs and 50SOG & Twilight. There are so many amazing authors writing great pieces of contemporary fiction that I can’t see myself wasting time on vampire romance and readable porn!

  2. i once had a new yorker tell me that he couldn’t eat pancakes outside of NYC, because “pancakes are just so much better in new york.” i will give y’all bagels and pizza, both of which are DIVINE in new york. but PANCAKES? yeah.

    and though i too am an iphone partisan, i am 100% down with this list. cheers.

    1. ok, yes, the pancake thing really doesn’t make any sense. aunt jemima is aunt jemima no matter what state you’re in.

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