the stereo visit post.

i don’t know how to write about it, but i wish to while it’s still fresh.

this past week my Stereo came to visit NYC, with Mister in tow.

the last night, i grabbed her hand and dragged her into my bedroom while boys chattered away. i’ve done way more than i am used to in the past week or so and i’m plum worn out. but i had a few more hours.

i flicked on Girls and we hate watched (as i have done for the entire season), and we played games on our phones and tablets and devices, and i bemoaned that i cannot play tiny wings, for i do not have an iphone. we talked of all manner of things. important things and not important things, the things you talk about when you are laying about with your girlfriends. i am not a person for physical touch, i am not good at it, it makes me violently uncomfortable with all but the most special of people. and yet, when she reaches for my hand and holds onto it in a fit of laughter, i am fine. i am happy, and grateful.

my favorite moments. the first hug after i recognized the braids walking through the lobby. sitting around in bryant park without a moment of awkwardness. not one moment, guys. when she recognized my boyfriend waiting in a restaurant before i did. the first bite of wafels and dinges (well, her first bite of wafels and dinges, i have had hundreds, and every single one of them is worth the extra fat on my ass. promise). putting on my just bought eye mask and getting all up in everyone’s faces, because this is a fun thing that loiterers do, and we were loiterers for the moment. trying to get her to smoke a clove. discovering the awesome of the new urban decay naked palettes. our shared confusion at modern art. walking the highline and hearing her proclaim it brilliant. sitting in the empty fountain at washington square. brooklyn brunch. cheap essie nail polish at a street fair. junior’s cheesecake. burgers and onion rings in my backyard, and presenting her with fresh picked blueberries. bursting out of atlantic ave station and proclaiming “hi there, internet friends“. lazing around fort greene park and a giant monument and understanding that it really isn’t weird at all, this internet friend thing. spending entirely too much money at bath and body works and introducing her to her first target while boys ate wings and drank beer at the bar, while we dropped off our bags when we were done with each store. being told how awesome i am about thirty times. and of course, that girlfriend-y moment up there.

it’s rather impossible to explain. it was amazing and heartwarming and every bit as glorious as i expected it to be. i’ll let some pictures below speak for themselves. absolutely cannot wait for London 2013.

at a diner. there were cookie dough pancakes
wafels and dinges, or, the best shit you’ll ever eat
she gets her junior’s cheesecake
first night, in bryant park
meeting up with shakti (@medeaculpa) in union square

5 thoughts on “the stereo visit post.

  1. I love you. I cannot say this enough – I LOVE YOU. You are even more fabulous in person and being your friend is both an honour and a delight. You (and Chris) made this trip so special, you made us feel so welcome and the memories I carried home with me will last a lifetime. I will be back at New Years and Lord knows we are going to tear it up.

    PS. You are gorgeous. I look like a crotchety. hunchbacked troll in the last photo but that is alright. You are amazing.

  2. Sounds like such a great visit! I WANT REAL-LIFE BLOGGY FRIENDS! This internet thing is pretty awesome, I must say. You ladies are beauties.

  3. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes! I am so glad you two enjoyed the visit so thoroughly.

    Also, she’s coming back at New Years? Because I will be in New York for New Years. PLEASE LET’S TEAR IT UP!

    Also, I love both you and she.

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