this is for forgiveness.

forgiveness that i don’t comment on every blog post i want to.
that i find it nearly impossible to drink a gallon of water a day.
that i haven’t accomplished the to do list – that i never seem to be able to.
that my walls aren’t painted and hold few decorations.
that sometimes i would just rather be alone.
that i’m not skinny.
that it’s going to take me years upon years to save for a house.
that sometimes i lose my focus on what’s important to me.
that i find it difficult to dream.

there are people out there who think i’ve got it all together, that i am a type a wizard of being human, being an adult, but i’m not, at all (well, i am type a. but not a wizard). and there are people to whom, i am sure, i appear nearly slovenly in my lack of dedication (i fear this, always). i am always striving, but i rarely think i’m achieving. so i ask your forgiveness and i am granting my own, today.

we are so much more than the things we get done, more than the money or status we achieve, more than anything we can quantify or qualify. and once, i think, we can let go of the pressure, the berating, the rules and regulations and timelines and bullshit – i believe we can be more than we ever thought imaginable. let’s get on that, shall we?


6 thoughts on “forgiveness.

  1. Oh yes- I was thinking the same sort of thing last night as I looked at the pile of things to hang on walls, list of things to clean, etc. And as I got a bit panicked thinking of getting it all done, smart Kristen kicked in and I realized ” who the hell cares?” Life is what we make of it & the happiness we get- we are awesome in this moment, no matter how many things we want to do. 🙂

  2. I remind myself daily that as long as I’m making progress – even small progress – that beating myself up over not doing or being “more” is not necessary.

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