still tired, but now there’s food.

so, i talked about being really worn out, and i am addressing that by spending a lot of time at home, resting. usually in bed. bed is my favorite place in the house – our living room/kitchen (yes, it is all one room) only contains kitchen chairs and a futon that doesn’t lend itself to comfortable sofa time, whereas my bed is a king size memory foam wonder of science. 80% of the time i am in bed, i am on my computer, and with ALL of that time, i find myself drifting back to pinterest.

i was super into pinterest when it first emerged, and then it opened up to the world and GAH, all of the bad pinning. cell phone pictures of children, unstyled and poorly lit pictures of food, ALL OF THOSE FUCKING QUOTES, and the offensive thinspo. pinterest got overrun, in my estimation, and became a land of anxiety to me. but still, when i have time on my hinds, moth to a flame.

Movie night treat: Marshmallow Caramel Popcorn.  1/2 c. brown sugar  1/2 c. butter  9-10 marshmallows  12 c. popcorn.   Microwave brown sugar and butter for 2 minutes. Add marshmallows. Microwave until melted, 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Pour over popcorn.

even though i was to be resting, i got really inspired by some food pins. saturday night, chris and i settled in to watch studio 60 on the sunset strip, because i am taking him on a grant tour of aaron sorkin and he is loving every second. i decided to make this (decadent and very unhealthy) marshmallow popcorn. you could follow the link, or i could just tell you that it’s melted butter, brown sugar, and marshmallow, mixed up and dumped over some popcorn, and then mixed again. guys, it is the salty/sweet fat kid treat of the CENTURY. loved.

Sausage Breakfast Cups

the next morning, i saw these sausage and egg biscuit cups. again, you could follow the link, or i could tell you that it’s a grands biscuit pressed into a muffin tin and filled with scrambled egg and sausage, then baked so it’s all those goodies in a happy little biscuit cup. here’s a thing about me. i have Feelings about, well, i never know the right word for it, but let’s go with authenticity. i like taking something (especially with cooking) back to it’s most basic form, doing as much from scratch as possible, and i don’t like to use premade things (like grands biscuits). so i whipped up some buttermilk biscuit dough (a longtime goal) and used that instead. this turned it into a breakfast that took way too long to make on a sunday morning, but it WAS delicious. it also introduced me to sausage gravy (“why are they having me put flour and milk in the saus…ohhhhhh look at that, GRAVY”), which is a joy and delight.

Pinned Image

i did some formal menu planning this week, and i had my eye on this chicken with sundried tomato and basil sauce. for work nights, i try to keep things quick and pretty easy, and this fit the bill. i mean, my mind is still blown that delicious cream sauce is just flour, butter, and milk or cream, but whatever, i will take it. the whole thing took me less than a half an hour and it was delicious. (please reference my tweet about eating the cream sauce out of the pan, thus negating any calories i may have saved by eating a side salad instead of the pasta)

No Bake Energy Bites...sounds pretty tasty.

also on the week’s bill was the no bake energy bites that traversed the paleo/pinterest world a while back, and i finally wrote on my grocery list to get ground flaxseed, so i whipped them up after dinner. they’re still chilling and waiting to be rolled into balls, but i tried a bit and WOW YUM YAY. they’re not calorically amazing, however, it’s awesome to have a snack or dessert treat that doesn’t involve white sugar and flour, so i’ll take it.

Date night jar

bonus pinterest project: the date night jar. i didn’t find this on pinterest, germana kindly linked to it from the twitters, but it was a pin. the bouncer and i were doing well at having a regular date night for a few months, then life got busy and we fell off. also, we were getting bored with just dinner and the occasional movie. so now we have this clever little jar with color coded sticks for expensive dates, cheap dates, and at home dates. i am actually really excited to get started on attacking them, because we have thought of some fun shit.

and now, i’m coming up on five days of vacation (!!!), and my pinspiration (baby jesus, did i really just say that) list only grows.

8 thoughts on “still tired, but now there’s food.

  1. Way to make me hungry! I notice I try to not use Pinterest as a social network very much. Instead, I use it as a calming exercise to curate things I find beautiful or inspiring. I often don’t look at what gets pinned around the site or which pins of mine are getting repinned and all that; rather, I prefer to go back to my boards and relish looking at photos or clothes or recipes that struck a chord at some point.

    Also, marshmallow popcorn will be the end of me.

  2. You’re kind of my hero. I mean, “so i whipped up some buttermilk biscuit dough” – um what? Teach me please?

    I just realized that I haven’t cooked IN A MONTH, WHAT. I guess it makes sense with all the nonsense that’s going on lately but I miss it. I stare longingly at my epic Pinterest food board and yearn for the days of cooking again.

    Also, sausage and gravy is pretty much the only reason I live in the South.

    No I lied. The only other reason is chicken and waffles.

    … Now I’m hungry.

    1. it was this way for me too! i’ve been so busy that i have barely cooked since bisc, but, it’s been a month and change and i’m feeling a creative lack, so, time to get back on the train. and OMG SAUSAGE GRAVY.

  3. I got scared when all of a sudden it wasn’t blog friends following my boards on Pinterest, but rather my high school friends. I knew then it was only a matter of time. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t fall down the Pinterest hole every now and then. Also? That popcorn? Yes, please!

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