well, hi again.

hi, world. well, blogging world, anyway.

i’ve been really quiet, but i have been writing some, so you’ll see why. i haven’t finished up august break, but i do have some additions to it that i’d like to put up tomorrow. i don’t have eloquence or grace for you – i don’t even have a cohesive theme to speak on at the moment.

i’ve been thinking about why we do this. this question rattles around my brain all of the time – i see people in the blogosphere/on twitter/on the evil book of face and my eyes widen and i just want to scream why? there are offenses from the mundane to the truly unjust. there are people who i think are taking advantage of others. there are writings that stop my heart in their beauty, glory, truth. there is such a spectrum.

i trudged back to some of my old spaces today, some that i always kept private. i have cut my veins open and bled on this internet, and now, that makes me uncomfortable. i can’t do it in quite the same way. kim and i talk a lot about blogging, it’s purpose, monetization, goals, voice, readership. somehow, it seems simply not good enough to just want to write things down and have people here you. to want to make some friends, maybe, along the way. but i know for sure that in this space, that’s all i want. you’ll notice i did a sponsored post for the first time this summer, and only because it was a topic i thought i could do justice. the dollar is not greater than my goals.

there are some other things happening. i’ve started playing world of warcraft again. the first time i did this, i was purposefully hiding in my room five nights a week for hours to avoid a roommate turned enemy, so the time suck aspect of it worked out nicely. now, well, i’m probably just shirking more responsibility than i should, and i haven’t cooked a proper dinner in over a week. this happens. there are some really awesome twitter/veda people on WoW, and i’m thrilled to be in their guild and finally have a social aspect to the game.

it’s been a long, hot, sweaty summer and finally, there is just a trace of a chill in the air in the mornings. i’m already envisioning my happy little greenmarket on saturday afternoons, me in boots and scarves, with a hot chai from my favorite coffee truck. it all sounds so twee and precious, i know, and i never quite fit those images even if i wish to, but nevertheless, they do make me happy in the end.

my landlord’s raised the rent and i’m vaguely considering moving. i’m tossing around taking on freelance social media and site building work, and also maybe starting a body acceptance blog. i’m also on an everlasting quest to throw things away, though i wouldn’t call myself a minimalist. i desire too many single function baking gadgets for that, ever. you know, it’s just life. it’s kept spinning.

how are you, loves? really, tell me. i miss you.

9 thoughts on “well, hi again.

  1. You know how I am ’cause I never shut up.

    You also know that I have no desire to turn my own blog into anything more gainful than it is right now. I think that plenty of people do still just want to write what they feel like writing, and they don’t necessarily feel like they have to please anyone but themselves. I mean, that is a recipe for pain if you can’t divorce your experience from your comment quota; some people take this stuff way too personally. However, I think that the larger blogosphere (hate that word) is made up of people who have gainful plans for their blogs. It’s transparent when this is the case, and that’s just not something I want to read in my free time. I have a hard enough time reading my friends now, with their low-motivation blogging-for-the-joy-of-it asses.

    Your sponsored post was a good one. So many aren’t. And yay for more writing in fall. It’s a good feeling to know that posts are coming.

    1. you and i, we are such twinsies in all of the ways. it is so strange to me, because i come from xanga and livejournal and pools of smaller internet, where really, all we wanted to do was journal in a different way. that’s never stopped being what i want to do.

  2. Well, I’m tired and finding myself getting very little done lately. Autumn has come early and that seems like a good thing. I’m convinced I function better in autumn.

    One of these days I’m going to marathon your video blogs on the big comp that can handle YouTube/video in general…

    Single-use kitchen gadgets – I know the feeling. Recently I spent ages trying to choose between a bunch of nearly identical and weirdly pricey pestles and mortars. Finally I borrowed one from a foodie friend and used it to pulverise herb mixes in bulk. I reckon if I do that a few times a year, it’ll save the thing taking up permanent space. It makes me think libraries for things like kitchen gadgets would be a good idea – so many people living in flats just don’t have the room for stuff like that, yet there are times when you absolutely NEED a steam-cleaner/mincer/other household thing…

    1. ahahaah! my video blogs were painfully boring to me, but i still have hopes that you’ll enjoy them. and my god, ang, some of the ideas you come up with, i think you need a direct hotline to some kind of patent office. GENIUS. i actually do own (though i did not purchase) one of those “all edge” brownie pans. it looks like a maze, so all of your brownies are guaranteed to have edges. i mean…really. really?!

  3. I totally hear the questions about the blog- when I started mine in January I had all these grand visions for what it could be, but I realize now I just want it to be a space where I can share publicly what I want- sometimes I think I could/should share more but I’m not super open with a lot of my inner feelings to do that yet.
    I am thinking about making the jump to selfhosted and such so perhaps we can chat about that and potential help/ideas you may have that would be beneficial for us both!

  4. I’m so, so ready for fall. It used to be that I had an awesome summer wardrobe, but that’s not true anymore. Now I’ve got a good boot selection, and a scarf selection and all I want to do is curl up in sweaters and warm things and drink hot teas and kick at leaves.

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