things you may not have known.

as inspired by lauren, girlfrmmars, and others.

  • from ages four until almost nine, i lived in backwoods florida, in a condo complex full of the elderly. they were my best friends, but i spent a lot of time by myself. i’m still excellent at amusing myself.
  • for as loud as i am, i have acquired a healthy dose of introversion over the past few years, and i absolutely love spending time alone.
  • before age 19, i did not eat eggs. before age 23, i did not eat avocados. before age 25-ish, i did not eat thai, indian, or sushi. i will forever mourn these years my tastebuds suffered – and ALL of these things are now things i eat frequently.
  • i was a party girl. while i am super smart and nerdy in a lot of ways (books! WoW!), i lovelovelove dancing with ferocity. for a few years in my early 20s, i hit the clubs every weekend, all weekend – and i adored every second. i’m pretty much over it, but i miss dancing all the time.
  • when i was 17, i started dating a man who was 36. we were together for nearly five years. scandal, yo.
  • i’ve had eating disordered patterns/thinking and body dysmorphia since age 5 (no worries, i have made huge strides on all fronts). when i think about the fact that it’s something i’ve dealt with for two decades, my mind is blown. it hugely affects the issues i feel passionately about, such as fat acceptance, body positivity, and health at every size.
  • during my three and a half years of college, i held five addresses. i held five more in my years before attending school. since graduating, i’m on number three. i’m used to moving and can pack my stuff in half a day. before i had furniture, i could fit everything in my hatchback ford probe. i don’t get tied to places – i don’t know how to.
  • i am not an animal person, nor am i particularly into babies, but i promise i am not cold and evil. SWEARSIES.

10 thoughts on “things you may not have known.

  1. Oh man, I remember dancing with you at BiSC. AMAZEBALLS!

    Did you know that our tastebuds change every seven years, so you may not have liked those foods when you were younger. I was the same way with sushi and mushrooms.


      1. Seriously. Ditto on this. HOW DID I SPEND SO MUCH OF MY LIFE NOT LOVING RASPBERRIES?! I will never know but I would eat them ALL. THE. TIME. if they weren’t ridiculously expensive. $5 for a servings worth? Bitch, please.

        Also, you should totally write a body positivity website. You would kill them. And by “kill that” I mean be extremely awesome.

  2. I am feeling slightly smug about the things I did know already but UGH EGGS YOU CANNOT MAKE ME.

    Also, between you and Myron I am starting to think that raising children should always be done by very old people as it seems to result in the children turning into WONDERFUL people. (Peace to your Papa; he did good work.)

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