a bulleted list of thoughts.

  • this nail color is amazing (it is opi’s black cherry chutney)
    • i will always be grateful that even though my nails are pretty short, they take to super dark polish well, because it is my favorite.
  • i should ask the internet if they actually like me, and if not, then why not. wait, no. that’s not a thing i should do at all.
    • i mean, it would be a fascinating intellectual exercise. if i can divorce myself from how others perceive me it’d be a really great way to get feedback on things i can work on.
    • except, brain, you are thinking of ways you need to improve and shit you need to do better like, every second. stop this whole line of thinking.
  • do people who complain on twitter about how people complain/are negative on twitter understand that they’re participating in the exact paradigm they’re railing against?
  • crispy bacon and an apple is a truly winning breakfast.
  • the sky is a perfect cerulean (which was my favorite crayola crayon but blue is not my favorite color. conundrum) and i should get outside except, it’s twenty something degrees.
  • vegas is going to be amazing.
  • in two weeks, for the first time in probably 17 years, i’m going to wear a bikini. and i feel pretty good about it.
wishing you a wonderful saturday, my friends. tell me what you’re up to.

7 thoughts on “a bulleted list of thoughts.

  1. Vegas is going to be RIDICULOUS. I haven’t been to #BiSC, but I can FEEL it! Totally amped up 😀

    I’m going to get my blog game done right before I come in May. Get the energy levels up and then all of you will have to deal with me 🙁

    I apologize in advance 🙁

  2. Asking others what they think about you? Oh no. Stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. You are amazing, and you don’t need anyone else’s validation to prove it. Keep on kickin’ ass.

    The thing with people complaining about negative people on Twitter is exactly as you see it: not only are they perpetuating something they are annoyed by, but there’s a really simple solution: UNFOLLOW. God, life is so simple sometimes.

    Have so much fun in Vegas! I will miss you all 🙂

  3. that nail polish is gorgeous. i take to darker polishes well, but because i let my nails chip and leave the color on for way too long, i tend to stick to the lighter, shinier options. i could use some crispy bacon right about now. 🙂

  4. This is my second-favorite kind of post, just because it feels like a conversation with you, which is one of my favorite things in the world. (I wish I could carry off nail polish but my fingers and cuticles are such atrocities.)

    And you can ask the internet anything you like but I warn you now it is full of people with terrible taste, none of whom should be indulged.

    What I am up to: I am reading blogs, and a pot of water is bubbling not too far from me because I am going to make a pot of rooibos as soon as I am done saving this comment. Then I am going to continue reading blogs for at least two hours, while I make notes on a yellow legal pad about things I am thinking of writing about and things I want to do before I leave Toronto and things I want to do in Winnipeg before the thaw. OMG productivity is boring.

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