this won’t be all that interesting.

that post title is not some kind of trick. this really won’t be all that interesting.

well, i broke the shit out of my blog.

i wanted to become an adult and get my own hosting, as my friend ed was hosting me since i graduated to big girl internet and bought a domain. so i did, and i was promptly mega confused by the hosting dashboard, but i digress (i am smart, guys, i swear). and ed told me to back up my site, and i did, using wordpress’ export function. and then he warned me that by transferring the hosting we’d be deleting the whole site and was i ok with that? and i said yes, because i did my export. hey guess what i learned? exports don’t include media, or your theme(s). LOLFUNTIMES.

what is even better is that this all happened on the eve of #BiSC registration. and i was already signed up, but, within 24 hours of me doing this, 50 new people were signing up for the most super mega fun best weekend ever, and they might be stumbling across my blog because you know, i’m listed. and there i was with the wordpress default theme, unstyled, no pictures, and a hello, world! post. HAHAHAHA.

i fixed all that tonight and pulled a theme together. i’m not in love but it’ll do the trick for the moment. don’t judge me too hard, ok?

in related news, #BiSC signups DID happen and i am really excited to see several of my faves from last year, have a sequin filled room of judgment with alana, and meet even more new people, and some who won’t be new, per se, but i’ll be really excited to hug and see in person for the first time (like tom). you can catch more on my feelings about #BiSC2012 from my posts from last year’s event: one on my feelings, and one on the events of the weekend. basically, i drank the kool-aid and joined the cult and it’s amazing. i’ll give you a tidbit that i left as a comment on nicole’s post on the 2013 registration opening:

 there were people whose internet personas i had judged or been intensely jealous of or determined they’d never like me so i shouldn’t even bother and YADA YADA, and hey guess what? we are friends and people are nice. LOOK AT THAT. there are people whose blogs still aren’t necessarily my deal but you know, i met them and they’re really cool and i will keep up with it because i care about THEM. the person behind the internet is SO important, and having kept myself behind the shield of an IP address for so long with so many preconceived notions (about myself and others), this was a revolutionary notion for me.

i’m also on my fifteenth day of eating paleo. it’s not awful, but it’s not great. about half of the recipes that i’ve made have been terrible, and that’s hard on my ego because usually, my food is delicious because butter. and cheese. i’m pretty bored of the things that i’m “allowed” to eat, i don’t think i’ve really lost weight* (which is a goal i have mixed feelings on anyway, so, i’m not crying over that), and my hunger cycles have changed so that i don’t think i’m actually eating enough, or a proper balance of nutrients to give me good energy. because i have very little energy. all of this to say i’ll be the one dissenting opinion on the internet and say paleo is not that awesome. however, i’m eating a ton of salad and veggies and i HAVE made a few really good recipes, and i’m glad to know those. i could also probably do a way better job of incorporating more salad and veggies into my life. i’m sticking with it through the month of january and we’ll see where i go from there.

* – please, dear readers, this is not an invitation to give me weight loss ideas. i know you are all lovely and well meaning but a) i have heard them and b) that’s just not a thing that goes nicely with my brain.

well, wait! i know where i’m going from there. i’m going on a cruise to the bahamas with tiff and nick, who i met during an in-n-out trip at last year’s #BiSC (we come full circle). i also shared a SUPER inappropriate cab ride with them and our friendship was cemented for life. the bouncer and i are heading down to florida, going to harry potter world (!!!. no, seriously. !!!!!!!), and heading off for four nights of cruising in the sun. i am REALLY excited, especially because we are already planning to get a private cabana with a manservant (the website says “server” but we know the truth), and go on the slides at atlantis. any tips for sneaking alcohol onto cruises? give ’em up.

and that’s where things stand, loves. tell me how your new year is going.



8 thoughts on “this won’t be all that interesting.

  1. Friends said they were going to try sneaking booze onto a cruise by getting wine boxes, not bottles, and wrapping them as presents. Maybe one of you has a birthday coming up. 😛

    And you’d be far from the only dissenting voice on the internet regarding paleo; a lot of people have expressed concerns about it on research grounds and nutritional grounds (and recipes of any kind can be hit and miss, so I’ll bet you’re not alone in finding the meals didn’t all work out). I found a Q&A about it on the UK version of HuffPo where they talk about the issue of getting enough nutrients on paleo: – maybe that explains some of the difficulty you’ve had, because I’d agree that if you’ve got no energy it sounds like there’s some good stuff you’re not getting enough of at the moment.


  2. WordPress and hosting have the ability to suck at life – kudos to you (and ed!) for pulling it all together. I know you are not in love but I think everything looks super clean and dandy around here.

    I am excited about your excitement for BiSC and know you will have a brilliant time just as I know you will rock it out on your cruise with Tiff and Nick. Have all the fun for those of us that will be experiencing the blight of London in winter.

  3. I snuck booze into a sorority formal in college by wrapping vodka bottles in boxes & telling the chaperones it was my roommate’s birthday. True story. It worked wonderfully.

    Also HP World is the best place in the world.

    1. sara, you cannot even IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT. tiff and i learned we can each bring 2 bottles of wine on board, and i think we’re going to go the gatorade bottle, vodka, and food coloring route. others DID suggest present wrapping. i am going to have such an adventure doing this all in a hotel room.

  4. My husband went paleo and ended up with great results. His energy levels improved, he lost about 15 pounds and turned into a super stud. He also works out all the time and runs a lot, so that probably had something to do with it too. He really liked the diet and got pretty creative with meals and whatnot. It’s not for everyone though, as I don’t think I could handle eating meat as regularly as a paleo diet calls for.

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