i’ve been toying with the idea of doing a link list on fridays around these parts – half to remind me to post and get me in the habit, and half to share the things i love/awesome things i read around the internet. so, let’s try it out.


  • i’ve been in complete home decorating mode lately (i have no idea why, it’s a thing that comes and goes) and totally into joss and main. i’m told it’s similar to one king’s lane – daily deals for a variety of furniture and decor-y things, and all i know is that if i bought everything there that i want to, i could totally put my house on pinterest.
  • i’m pretty into financial responsibility (and i owe you all a post on saving for goals, i know), and i was relieved that this article on credit sesame delved into the issue of building savings while paying off debt. that’s what i’m doing now, because i’m uncomfortable having no emergency fund.
  • relatedly, i LOVE creditkarma as a resource for monitoring your credit and seeking advice on how to make it better. after it calculates an approximation of your score for you, it will tell you the best cards you have a chance of getting, and there’s a neat calculator thing where you put in specific scenarios (i.e., get more cards, or, pay off all your debt, or, get a car loan) and it will tell you the likely effect in your score.
  • i loved this post from life after college on making it up as you go along. because yes. that is what we are all doing. my life looks nothing like i may have envisioned it five or even three years ago, but i’m happy. and five years from now, it won’t look like anything i could plan today, i bet. this is tough for me because planning makes my heart go pitter patter, but. life has its ways.
  • one billion year old water does not taste good. the more you know.

i hope you have a lovely weekend. i’m playing magic the gathering and cards against humanity with friends, and popping out to a birthday party on saturday night.

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  1. How funny! I’ve been contemplating doing something like this too. That was a good article by Life After College! Thanks for sharing!

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