a listicle.

so here’s a funny thing. i heard the word listicle thrown about online, and i understood what it referred to but also i was legitimately very confused. because it reminded me of icicle and i couldn’t for my life draw the connection between online articles and lists and icicles. and then i realized, days later, it’s a combination of list and article.

here’s one that’s more list than article.

  • when you wait out the very crowded train, and a very uncrowded train follows
  • when unexpectedly, there is a mid summer cool spell and you can leave the windows open to a glorious breeze as the sun sets
  • when the fog clears
  • when the nice girl at the salad place continuously discounts your lunchtime salad to the tune of $5
  • when friends introduce you to new music
  • when you finish up another awesome course with Molly over at Stratejoy.
  • when your mom renews your Julep subscription.
  • when you have a Very Hard Night and there is someone to stroke your face and breathe deeply with you to lull you to sleep
  • when your birthday is around the corner and for the first time in years, you are excited to have an actual party.

it was a hard August. September brings my 28th birthday and leaves and the cool and a sense of fresh beginnings. i, for one, am excited.

2 thoughts on “a listicle.

  1. I am truly happy for all of these joys heading your way. I know that August took no prisoners there but it is behind us now dusting its hands off fully proud of having taught us all a few hot sticky lessons.

    Happy birthday this weekend, lovely. I am glad I know you. (And also ashamed to say that when I hear “listicle” I think “testicle” EVERY TIME.

  2. i’m excited for you. 🙂 i love fall, it’s my favorite time of year. there’s that line from a mumford & sons song: “i’ll know my name when it’s cold again…” <3

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