two months ago i wrote that i didn’t know what to write. i still don’t.

but here’s something.

i took a week-long break from social media and it was good for me in a deep way. that sounds dumb, but, when you think about how constant it is, how much you (i) let into your (my) attention stream that’s purely external, you (i) realize what could be changed by changing that. i have a whole post drafted about it, but, basically – nothing falls apart and focusing is easier and it taught me things about myself.

i escaped to a cabin in the mountains for a few days, and i went on a six hour hike, up and down a mountain, around a lake. it was my second hike ever, and i’ve learned that nature is amazing and i want more of it in my life. also, the cabin was charming in a way that hurts, a way you want to take home with you forever. and mountain air is everything it’s cracked up to me. oh, and, i drove a car for the first time in three years and no one died so, *whew*.

today i’ve both refined my self-haircutting technique and learned a lot of physics through youtube, and i marvel at the vast amount of information that’s right here for us. dare i say, it’s kind of like a superhighway? (i’m so sorry, i couldn’t resist).

i’ve started being grateful for three things every day, shared via email with my southern counterpart. most days. we try for every day. it’s also taught me a lot, and maybe i’ll write about that.

i lost some work, and i gained some work. i started going to the gym, because i realized i don’t want my default state to be “lump”. i decided to forgive an old hurt – and realized forgiveness doesn’t have to mean skipping through flower fields. it’s ok to be neutral. i joined my community’s CSA, and vegetables are the neatest thing. i’m cooking again. i finally bought a decent amount of jeans that fit and some new sweaters, so fall feels pretty magical.

and those are things, really. how are you, internet?


4 thoughts on “leaves falling, etc.

  1. I remember a friend taking me and R to the river in the woods at the back of his house. We had the dog on a lead with us, and for half an hour my entire brain was taken up by keeping up with the dog, walking through the river in boots, and not slipping. I don’t think I’ve ever been so focused on anything in my life. So I know what you mean about needing more experiences like the hike…

  2. i decided to forgive an old hurt – and realized forgiveness doesn’t have to mean skipping through flower fields. it’s ok to be neutral.

    This is superwise and I am glad.

    Also, I love that photo. Really love it. And I wish I could say something intelligent about social media breaks but the longer I extend mine the more I realize “break” is not the right word for it.

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