a while back i started doing a linky list called friday favorites. i did it once. here’s to a resurrection!

some of my favorite things i’ve seen online in the past week(ish):

  • me as a stone: kim’s piece on why she’s keeping up her blog, how she’s owning her space in the stream, and what her goals are with writing online struck a huge chord with me. i’m fairly positive they will with you as well.
  • xosarah’s new ebook: as i’ve ramped up my freelance game, i’ve started reading xosarah (formerly known as sillygrrl). i bought her brand new ebook this week on doubling your blog traffic and really enjoyed it – it’s part of what sparked me to get a little more serious about this space and put some interesting thoughts into my brain about merging all of my (*cringe*) “brands”.
  • what’s real, from sarah rosemary: i love sarah’s blog, specifically how honest she is about life and motherhood and marriage (even though the latter two categories don’t apply at all to me). it’s exactly what i believe online writing should be about. she’s got a pretty awesome focus this year on being real, and i adore it.
  • ask polly, from the awl: this particular edition of this advice column deals with a girlfriend being obsessed with the blog of her boyfriend’s ex and it’s pretty hysterical. i mean, not that any of us know anything about internet obsession…
  • how to run a weekly social health check, from simply measured: this speaks more to my professional life – it’s a great account of social analytics you can check on a weekly basis to see how your channels are doing.

tell me what you’ve been digging around ye grande olde internet (i.e., help me make this friday go by a little faster.)

One thought on “friday favorites

  1. Yay! Thank you very much for putting that post in here. And thank you for pointing me to Sarah Rosemary (whom I know from Scintilla but haven’t visited in eons). I’m going to share this post from Lara Wellman, who strayed away from her personal blog for pro social media and is making a deliberate effort to renew it (along with reinforcing all the other stuff in her life that has real meaning for her): http://www.glidingthroughmotherhood.com/?p=2049 Now I’m thinking of about three others I could give you and wondering if I should wind up doing my own faves post because why the hell not.

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