#augustbreak – days 11-13

is it cheating to use instagram pictures? i hope not. i am an android girl and i nearly whooped for joy when instagram FINALLY came out for android, but i had no idea how much it would spark my creativity and make me appreciate the inspirational within the mundane. most fridays, my job has wine time at about 5:30, and i was two glasses into the evening walking home, and snapped these. they’re all within 50 feet of my house – the flower is down the block, the white building behind the little tree is mine, and the closeup is the stairs to my front door.

day 11

day 12

day 13

#augustbreak – days 7-10

i’m still behind, i know. but while i can fill in the gaps, i will. catching up to come, as always.

day 7

in the winter i caught a bitch of a sickness and i was in bed for days. i had been aching to go to the park and play with my camera in the cold light – it’s different in winter, thinner, trees bare and i wanted to capture it. i begged the bouncer for a walk through the park before i was really ready, and it was bitter cold, and i didn’t last long. but this was one of the shots i got.

probably my favorite from coney island day with tiff and nick, when they visited. i laid on the ground in a dress that was way too short for me to do so to grab this, and it could use some editing but i love it.

 here in brooklyn every year, there is a cherry blossom festival at the botanic gardens, which i can walk to if i so choose. i forget, sometimes, how lucky i am for this. the festival is always very crowded and neither the bouncer or i are fond of crowds, so i watched the little guide on the gardens’ website this year and we went when the first trees bloomed. i have better, clearer shots of the blossoms, but this one, i loved.

this one – it makes my heart smile. that is so cheesy, and i’m sorry. i don’t treat myself to random impulses often (except when onyi is in town and then all bets are obviously off), but while grocery shopping at the fancy supermarket in the better neighborhood in the spring, i fell in love with this tiny daffodil plant. tiny! daffodils! i think i was not using my macro setting here, but i remember being home from work one day alone, and knowing i needed to grab the light coming in the window. the true part that is happy, though, is that when the bouncer saw how giddy i was over this, he surprised me with three more plants. sometimes, he is the sweetest.

#augustbreak – days 1-6

August Break 2012
fooled you, didn’t i? you thought because it was august 6th and i had no photos that i wasn’t participating. this was all a cleverly designed trick…

day 1

My D - from Kim

i thought it was only fitting that my first photo be a gift from my friend that
originally introduced the idea of the august break to me.
Kim sent this to me last year, and i love it. it hangs in my corner of me things, above my dresser.

day 2

another gift, from the actress. i can’t remember if i posted about this one
in last year’s august break, but the text reads, “she learned to cup
possibility in her hands”. it reminds me every day to try not to be afraid.

day 3 

a stack of quarters. playing with aperture on my camera.

day 4 

Trash - Coney Island

part of the reason for my late start is having some amazing guests in town.
we spent a long, hot, fun day down at coney island, and this is one of the trash
cans on the boardwalk.

day 5

my necklaces, hanging from a stand my friend jamie got me a few christmases ago.

day 6 

Beach moss

 beach moss, growing on the wood before the jetty, coney island.