girls night: version perfect

every once in a while, i think that i’m old and that i’ve forgotten how to have an amazing night out, but no. i haven’t.


here i am dancing on a table, a long time ago in a land far far away. thanks, facebook.

you know the routine. you start early, shower, lay out your best outfit, and probably change it six times. i always use these nights as reasons to do the most dramatic makeup, the kind i’d never get away with during the day, but in the dim light of a bar or club it’s fine, encouraged even. i always head out with flip flops on, heels in my purse, ready to change when i get where i’m going, and ready to change again before i head home. (aside: this is also always why i carry an actual bag out with me and not a clutch. the one time i did not, and was carrying my favorite heels in my hand for a 4 am visit to an awesome restaurant called l’express, i lost them forever. ladies, take note)

it’s possible that i’ve prepped a drink with me for the subway ride, because this is just how city living goes. and when i meet up with my friends there are hellos to be had, but there is really only one reason i’m here. i’m that girl that’s out on the floor before everyone else, when it’s empty because it’s too early and the crowd seems intent on playing it cool. you could call me a trailblazer or brave or even a loser – “don’t you need to drink before you get out there?,” – “no. i don’t”. in my heart i’m just a girl who loves to dance.

really, all i ever cared about these nights and all i ever will, is getting onto that floor, surrounded by my friends, my people, my sisters and letting the beat control my body, reverb through my bones. i was nine when i discovered the sparklemagic of dancing. i was thirteen when i downloaded endless european house music off of kazaa (remember that?) and spent hours pretending my room was a club. all i wanted through my teenage years was a disco ball and a giant floor and a dj. at twenty two or so i finally broke out of my nerdy mold, just enough to make the kind of friends that i could do this with and god, the glory. no night was complete if we left before 4 am and didn’t have blisters on our feet. my friends and i made circles around each other, gave each other the side eye about creepers, and we just had all of the happiness.

this is my perfect girls night out.

the most recent night i had out like this was in vegas for bloggers in sin city (i am already registered to go again next year, and you should sign up for their email list so you can come with me). luckily for me AND you, there’s a dance off contest going on right now for you and three friends to win an incredible VIP weekend in Vegas and some private dance lessons. you can enter with a video or with photos – this reminds me of when i was in college and used to put videos of myself dancing on youtube (THEY ARE ALL PRIVATE NOW, DO NOT FRET). just one thing – promise if you win, you take me with you?

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