hello. my name is dominique.

here are the simple facts: i am in my mid twenties, and i have lived in and around new york for my whole life. this does not make me as cool as you might think – although i often wish it did. i am happily employed at a nonprofit, and i do online marketing. i live with my boyfriend, and his dog. the dog drives me out of my mind.

here are some things i love: baking. crafting. magnetic organizer wipe-off things. candles. pretty blank cards. books and words. the internet. brown eyeshadows. the color purple. very good tv shows. lists. brunch. 8 bit video games. not so 8 bit video games. philosophy. nineties club music and dancehall reggae. crunchy granola singer songwriters. down comforters. chai lattes. boots. snow. the way it feels when the sun is crisping you. nutella. sushi.

here are some things i am fascinated by: the mafia. drug addicts. mushroom hunting. hoarders. growing vegetables. mole people. the highway system. the subway system. those who can get up early to exercise.

this is a personal blog. i discuss my life, my history, and the contents of my mind and heart. i talk about my personal struggles, victories, trials, and joys, in hopes of finding a community of kindreds and in hopes that by releasing my stories, i effect change both in my life and in the world. egocentric, perhaps, i’ll give you that. i am proud of what i do here and always grateful for anyone i can connect with. please feel free to say hi either through a comment here, by email, or over on twitter (i really love twitter).


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