a small list.

i know things have been kind of heavy around here recently. i would like for you all to know that i am not a dark cloud of doom, at least not all of the time. and so i present:

a list of pretty small things that make me very happy.

a new color of nail polish every week. (i mean new from my box, not new from the store)

seasonally appropriate candles burning next to my open bedroom window at night. this month is fig, and cinnamon and clove.

vanilla caramel tea in my scrabble mug. i am beginning to think i could subsist on tea.

a new comforter cover.

going to the greenmarket every saturday.

the fact that my favorite coffee truck that serves my favorite chai in the universe is at the greenmarket every saturday.

  • baking. this week i made spiced peach muffins and mini loaves, and i cannot wait – CANNOT WAIT – to get into my fall baking. if you decide to make them, i would do about half the cinnamon and add other fun things like nutmeg, ginger, allspice…that’s what i did and i believe it made them much more exciting.
  • playing world of warcraft with new friends. (THERE ARE PANDAS NOW, GUYS)
  • anything from the black currant vanilla line at bath and body works.
  • books on my kindle. all of the books on my kindle. the last amazing thing i read was gone girl, which i expected to dislike based on the hype but NOPE. it was incredible.

what’s making you happy lately?

10 thoughts on “a small list.

  1. I can only imagine how amazing that fig candle smells. I’m currently burning a black currant vanilla candle and as we both know it smells divine.

    I’m not a snobby reader (confession: I generally just want to be entertained) and so I have recently downloaded a TON of free books on my Kindle. My bank account is especially excited about this new interest in “free.” Gone Girl is in my “Wish List” – along with The Casual Vacancy – both of which I am waiting to drop in price because, excuse me JK Rowling, but $18 is WAY TOO HIGH for an EBOOK.

  2. Also, most of your happy!things would also make me happy. I love Christmassy-scented things (and have been burning a lot of incense lately), and I also have a thing for blue nail polish. I seem to have accumulated a lot of different shades of it. 😀

  3. Right now, the google reader bookmarklet is making me happy. I click on it, it takes me to the posts in order, and I am making COMMENTS. This is happening. (I am procrastinating.) I feel like reading on gReader makes me loath to comment right away, but this way I am ALREADY HERE so I comment away.

    I have two things to say about your list: First, the proliferation of tomatoes in that picture. There is something about abundance, especially in small things like cherry tomatoes, that makes me WANT it. I want some of the abundance. Also, the candle. I can only imagine how good that smells; I love fig. BUT there is also something very powerful in a well-designed label on something like a candle, isn’t there? I mean, it is sitting out in a public place, and looking attractive and luxurious and also slightly antique, and it just works that much more because of it.

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